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A unique rolled beam section at the top and bottom of the fence providing a user friendly surface, no sharp or raw edges.

It has been widely used in public and private properties areas which includes: car parks, park’s fence, schools, playgound, pedestrian zone. It’s an open mesh system that allow excellent visibility making it widely popular among communities.

Post & Clamps

Round post is popular used with the roll top fence. Using a strong screw with two U shape clip fix the fence panels with the post .

Installation Way

The post can be 40-50cm longer than the panels to fix the post dip under the ground. Or welding a steel plate with holes, to fix it to the ground by screws.

Ref.No Height (mm) Length (mm) Wire diameter (mm) Spacing
Vertical (mm) Horizontal (mm)
FA 750-2400 2400 5 & 6 50 150 200
FB 750-2400 2400 5 & 6 75 200 300
FC 750-2400 2400 4 25 75 150

Available in Hot-Dip Galvanized, Galfan Wire, Heavily Galvanized Wire & Powder Coating. Any Custom-Made Order is Available in our Factory (Minimum Order Quantity may be applied).

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